I am 18 and I met Filipino friends

Harini 28/5/2016 Saya Fatin kembali dengan blog ini yang lama tak guna and tiba tiba buka still boleh guna. Well now I am getting older. Actually I am sweet 18 now alhamdulillah. My birthday just passed on last 27th of March. I finished study in SMK ST ANNES CONVENT last year, so now while i am waiting to continue my study I am working at Hasani Money changer and Remmitance. Actually what I want to share with you is last year 2015 i started to fall inlove with pinoy movies, and the first movie i watch was Diary Ng Panget. And their hero and heroin was Jadine (loveteam) . James Reid and Nadine Lustre. So what i was surprised is when i start working at Hasani remmitance i found a lot of filipino and when i first met them i tried to speak tagalog with one man who is sending money to philippines it was Mikail Abdullah he was filipino and he is muslim. He suddenly came and ask me ano pangalan mo? And then i was like i heard it before but i forgot the meaning, and he repeated again ano pangalan mo? and then i was like out of no where i answered Fatin po ako. Haha "he shocked" and he asked me "can you speak tagalog?" then i told him i can speak tagalog but not that much. And now it's been 5 or 6 months i am working and now i have a lot of filipino friends. Friends in tagalog is kaibigan. I have a lot to tell but i am now tired to finish typing my story, so i guess i am going to continue tomorrow morning. I will tell you sino ang akin kaibigan. (who is my friend)
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